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October 6, 1988 brought joy to Patrice Knowles and Jeffrey Stubbs as they introduced unto the world, the outcome of a chosen seed; their son, Romero N. Stubbs, aka “Shalon”. Shalon’s lyrical journey began in 1999 as he sought to express himself through music due to his timid persona. Subsequently, unlike many traditional rappers, who always dreamt of becoming a rapper, Shalon dwindled along the line of becoming a professional basketball player until his life-purpose struck him; he became aware that he was born to rap; born to lyrically influence the nation; born to be great; born to stand out…

Though the public hastily judges him as an arrogant and self-centered individual, Shalon is quite the opposite; he is a beyond humble, compassionate, hard-working, purpose-driven artist, who coherently describes himself as “The Savior of Rapping”.

A cliché saying states, “Behind every successful man is a successful woman”. For this vibrant successor, his mother and two daughters are his pride and joy; his…everything.  Coupled with the great impact his mother has on his being, Kanye West, Joe Budden, Jay-Z, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Kevin Gates, and his other motivators (those who insisted that he cease rapping) are some of his rap influences, but his primary motivator outweighed the entire pack – his late elder brother, Killa Color [Romell Thompson].

Along his continuous success route, Shalon formed a “brotherhood”; M³ / M. Cube [Music Made Money] and he always chants, “M. Cube ‘til death” and “Salute to tha Cube”. After encountering trials and becoming an “overcomer”, Shalon sought to further educate himself, having majored in Audio Engineering at The SAE Institute in Nashville, Tennessee.

Over the span of his rap journey, Shalon has unremarkably written, rapped and produced over 800 songs. This young opportunist is locally known in the Bahamas for songs such as “Ashes in the Wind, “Robin Hood”, “My Room”, “Baby Come On”, “Life Goes On”, and “If Only You Knew” have been aired on the local radio station, 100 Jamz.

In the music industry, it is common and most anticipated for a musician or artist to reach their career’s peak, but when asked to speak on the matter at hand, just as his caliber to stand out would permit him, Shalon believes that he’s currently lethal – “Until I die, there is no limit to my abilities; it is when I die, that I’ve reached my pinnacle.”

  • 16years rapping
  • 7released albums
  • 161album songs
  • 1999rapping since
  • 242home
  • 0upcoming album(s)
  • 800+total produced songs


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